Large Animal Rescue

We can help you! San Mateo County Sheriff's Office Mounted Search & Rescue members are on call to help with Large Animal Rescue emergencies.

We have been trained to safely handle standing and recumbent animals in emergency situations, safe application of equipment inside a trailer, righting a tipped trailer and use of rope systems and glides for hauling recumbent animals.

MSAR members are available to aid local fire department, veterinarian and animal control representatives at the site of any large animal rescue operation. Contact our certified MSAR volunteers through the San Mateo County Sheriff's emergency office number: (650) 363-4012.

MSAR volunteers with LAR certification on call:

Carole Bridgeman
Kermit Claytor
Colleen Combes
Chris Cooper
Rick Debenedetti
Gene Erickson

Al Filice
Sarah Filice
Ann Farris
Rob Krensky
Casey Terribilini
Michael Schuppenhauer

All MSAR members are highly trained and experienced horsemen and women.

The MSAR members listed above have been certified through the FSTEP #1247 Large Animal Rescue certification class. The course is presented by the Felton Fire Department and is designed to standardize large animal rescue operations and equipment, enabling different agencies involved with a large animal rescue to work together effectively and safely to save lives.

Images from the FSTEP #1247 Large Animal Rescue class held February 2003
(A horse mannequin was used to train extraction and rescue loading)

Emergency Halter    Rolling Horse    Hauling Horse on Slide

Large Animal Rescue Resources

San Mateo County Sheriff's Emergency Office (650) 363 - 4012
Peninsula Humane Society
(650) 340-7022
Felton Fire Department: (831) 335-4422 and
Large Animal Rescue Equipment
California Department of Food and Agriculture on Disaster Plannning
Santa Cruz County Equine Evacuation
San Mateo County Large Animal Evacuation Group - Sharon Montoya Bretz

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